Vol 17, No 1 (2009)

Table of Contents

Preface PDF
Tomas Kačerauskas 3-3
European Values and Globalization PDF
Heinz Theisen 4-11
Human rights – local value or universal norm? PDF
Grigory Gutner 12-19
The Cure for Civiliter Mortuus: Complementary Values of Phenomenology and Democracy PDF
Mindaugas Briedis 20-28
Purpose and Vitality of Rumours: Political Aspects PDF
Valdas Pruskus 29-40
Russian Democracy in the Vacuum of Civil Society PDF
Lubov S. Sysoyeva 41-49
The Principle of Power Distribution as a Factor of Democracy: Case Study PDF
Kazimieras Monkevičius 50-60
Is Nationality Basic or Cultural Need? PDF
Aleksandras Gražvydas Jasmontas 61-68
Liberty Challenge or Dangers of Liberal Democracy PDF
Dalia Eidukienė 69-75
Is Polis the Answer? Hannah Arendt on Democracy PDF
Monika Bokiniec 76-82
International Scientific Networking as an Element of Political Globalization2 PDF
Herbert A. Mang 83-90

Coactivity: Philosophy, Communication / Santalka: Filosofija, Komunikacija ISSN 2029-6320, eISSN 2029-6339
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