The Narrative-Based Enhancement Methodology for the Cultural Property and the Cultural Institution

Kastytis Rudokas


The paper addresses the contemporary conception of the place marketing, image and the impact of multiple identities on the cultural institution of a city. The first part of the paper is based on the most famous Clare A. Gunn theory on two possible perceptions of the postmodern place image. The author of the article points out that the cultural value of an object is conditional and depends on communicational strategies and community needs. As an example of identity introduction to a place, the case of Berlin Platten is taken, where creative society is creating a new public image of multi-dwelling buildings. Basketball Club Žalgiris is taken as a Lithuanian example of an image that emerges deep from the past. In this case, the author of the article shows how the Club is constructing its narrative by manipulating historical facts at present. In the last part of the paper, it is argued that rapidly changing society causes the abstract valuation of culture, which is also based on a wider communicational context. As a conclusion, the author points out that processes of identity construction will provide the background for cultural and economic rivalry between cities of the World.

Article in: Lithuanian

Article published: 2013-10-03

Keyword(s): identity; Kaunas; postmodernism; narrative; myth; BC Žalgiris

DOI: 10.3846/cpc.2013.11

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Coactivity: Philosophy, Communication / Santalka: Filosofija, Komunikacija ISSN 2029-6320, eISSN 2029-6339
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