Creative Regions between an Individual and the Community

Tomas Kačerauskas


The article deals with the sketches of cultural regionalistics while culture has been understood as existential creation. Creation both in narrow (creative activity) and broad (creation of life) sense has been analysed. According to the author, creation in both senses has been presupposed by tension between an individual and his community while the individual creates identity of the community and the community creates identity of the individual. The theses have been developed as follows : the house of history is community educating the individual, who becomes a hero of its change; heroics is inseparable from imagining: on the one hand, activity of the individual has been presupposed by his role in the community while he is an imagined hero. On the other hand, every individual becomes the hero only in the visual environment of community; regionalistics presupposes creation communication, the content of which is realization of individual existential project in environment of community's region; communication is possible in the community, which changes its role with the individual; both the individual and analogous to him (her) community take transitional place: the motions of their identities close one and open another communicative channel; every hero behaves creatively, i.e. transfers tradition of the community to far away by interrupting horizontal communication between the individuals; utopia as transitional place, i.e. no place by imagining new creative region is a flag of every becoming community; cultural regionalism being inseparable from existential phenomenology is a variant of the latter and possible form of development; analogy between such incommensurable things as region and phenomenon is possible: individual region influences his (her) existential creation while every new phenomenon defines life borders anew; tradition has been saved only by transferring to the new channels of creation's communication while these channels open between different generations of community.


Article in: English

Article published: 2011-04-06

Keyword(s): creation communication; cultural regionalistics; individual and community; existential creation

DOI: 10.3846/coactivity.2011.06

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