Hermeneutik und Religiosität

Janez Vodičar


Hermeneutical circle needs encouragement. Could that be religiosity? Paul Ricoeur insists on some kind of philosophical agnosticism, although in everyday practice he is consciously bound to Christianity. His poetical approach in Biblical hermeneutics when he confronts his position with his non-believing contemporaries, very clearly shows that religious dimension of man, especially in its openness to new meanings, makes the understanding more prolific. This opens the way for new attempts of repeated search for the human need for religious dimension at Luc Ferry and Gianni Vattimo as well. It is not necessary there to be a very certain form of religiosity; the important thing is openness towards these questions. In such a way we liberate the science to seriously confront with religious dimension of a man. This is especially important in a globalized world where religiosity, on the one hand, can be a cause for the clash of civilizations and, on the other, it can be a possibility of a common search for a world ethos.


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Article published: 2010-03-15

Keyword(s): hermeneutics; science; religiosity; poetics; origin of meanings

DOI: 10.3846/coactivity.2010.06

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