Existential Language and Linguistic Existence

Tomas Kačerauskas


The article deals with relation between the language and existence. The author presupposes that the existence and language are inseparable from each other because of interconnection. The great thesis is next: existential environment has been created as an interconnection of our activity and language. From it follow other theses: the language is not to separate from the existence as a school of the exit; the main component of human creation (culture) is existential language as a factor of life‘s narrative. The author follows the Husserl‘s phenomenology of living world (Lebenswelt), the Heidegger‘s conception of being to the death (Sein zum Tode), and the Bachtin‘s theses of interaction between the author and the hero, as well. In this context are developed the attitude of the creative interaction between existential language and linguistic existence. This attitude emerges in a wider project of culture’s phenomenology. According to the author, we are creating our existence analogous to a roman (not a diary) where all events are included to a harmonious dramatic whole. A life’s event becomes a part of narrative existential roman which forms the identity of the narrator, on the other hand. According to the author, the environment of identity’s becoming is linguistic one. Herewith it is a spiritual environment, which arises in the interaction of individual existential aspirations. In this way the spiritual environment as a part of living world is both the factor of our becoming and the whole that we are creating as the environment of coexistence for realization of existential aspirations.


Article in: English

Article published: 2007-09-14

Keyword(s): existential language and linguistic existence; spiritual environment; identity; formation

DOI: 10.3846/coactivity.2007.24

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