Problem of Methodological Approach in Historical School of Philosophy of Science

Albinas Plėšnys


The normative philosophy of science represents inadequate image of scientific development, and its methodological significance is questionable. The followers of historical school of philosophy of science propose a new conception of aims and tasks of philosophy of science. Investigation of convictions and images that were accepted during certain historical periods rather than logical analysis of knowledge becomes the main problem in historical school of philosophy of science. This approach changes the old methodological status of philosophy of science. But the new point of view isn’t without shortcomings either. The main disadvantage of the new position is presumption that scientific knowledge functions as an autonomous system, irrespective of philosophical or theological context, and that only cognitive values are significant in the scientific research process.  From our point of view analysis of scientific knowledge without consideration of metaphysical context is false because science is subordinated to this context. Changes of metaphysical scientific research programmes rather than those of paradigms or scientific research programmes take place in the process of scientific development.


Article in: English

Article published: 2006-03-15

Keyword(s): normative philosophy of science; historical school of philosophy of science; paradigm; scientific research programmes; cognitive values; logical analysis; programmes of metaphysical scientific research

DOI: 10.3846/coactivity.2006.02

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