Online Artistic Activism: Case-Study of Hungarian-Romanian Intercultural Communication

Gizela Horváth (Partium Christian University, Romania)
Rozália Klára Bakó (Sapientia University, Romania)


Technical reproduction in general, and photography in particular have changed the status and practices of art. Similarly, the expansion of Web 2.0 interactive spaces presents opportunities and challenges to artistic communities.

Present study focuses on artistic activism: socially sensitive artists publish their creation on the internet on its most interactive space – social media. These artworks carry both artistic and social messages. Such practices force us to reinterpret some elements of the classical art paradigm: its autonomy, authorship, uniqueness (as opposed to copies and series), and the social role of art.

The analysis is aimed at Hungarian and Romanian online artistic projects from Transylvania region of Romania, relevant as intercultural communication endeavours. Our research question is the way they differ from the traditional artistic paradigm.

Article in: English

Article published: 2016-03-31

Keyword(s): artistic activism; Hungarian-Romanian intercultural dialogue; online communication; social media.

DOI: 10.3846/cpc.2016.237

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Coactivity: Philosophy, Communication / Santalka: Filosofija, Komunikacija ISSN 2029-6320, eISSN 2029-6339
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