Disciplines of Political Philosophy and Political Science: Antagonism, Cooperation or Indiference?

Mindaugas Stoškus (Vilnius University, Lithuania)


The aim of this article is to discuss the development of the relation between political philosophy and political science. The main causes and possible perspectives of that development are elaborated. There are explored philosophical ideas which influenced the emergence of political science, the process of its institutionalisation and the relation between political science and political philosophy. The analysis of the process of institutionalisation aims at identification of the main causes of the conflict between two disciplines. The culmination of that conflict occured at sixth decade of twentieth century and was named “The Behavioral Revolution”. The sharp antagonism lasted nearly two decates and when it came to an end the relation between political philosophy and political science became stable though ambiguous.

Article in: Lithuanian

Article published: 2016-03-31

Keyword(s): biheviorism; political science; political philosophy; positivism; scientism.

DOI: 10.3846/cpc.2016.228

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Coactivity: Philosophy, Communication / Santalka: Filosofija, Komunikacija ISSN 2029-6320, eISSN 2029-6339
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